I received an e-mail not that long ago from A&J Bakery offering to deliver the world’s best biscotti to my doorstep. Now biscotti are in fact one of my favorite items and I have not had any (or at least any memorable ones) since my Celiac diagnosis which is approaching 10 years now. I was of course intrigued and quickly agreed to give these biscotti a try. These biscotti were also the snack of the day on the Rachel Ray Show twice.

My friends at A&J Bakery did not disappoint and sent me three flavors of their biscotti to sample. I received their Chocolate Chunk, Lemon Raspberry, and Orange Cranberry varieties. The first thing you will notice is that the individual bags of biscotti are really large with two stacks of biscotti piled high in each bag.

Being a self-confessed chocoholic, I tried the Chocolate Chunk variety first. All I can say is “wow”. From the perfect amount of rich chocolate chunks (and I mean chunks) to the absolutely spot on texture that is a perfect biscotti – these were a home run. These are crisp on the initial bite and then quickly give way to a wonderfully softer core.

Next up was the Lemon Raspberry variety. These look plain and simple with their unassuming base void of any color or fruit bits. However the aroma with its zesty lemon notes hint at what you are about to experience. On the first bite you notice the lemon notes paired with a delicate undertone of raspberry. Overall, these are a bit softer than the chocolate variety but every bit as delicious and made for an exciting spin on traditional biscotti flavors.

The final flavor was the Cranberry Orange. Now, I am all for the traditional anise flavored biscotti but love it when a company thinks outside of the box with exciting and innovative flavor combinations. The Cranberry Orange variety definitely delivered on all fronts. These were chock-full of rich red cranberries that gave a magnificent tartness to the sweet cookie base. The subtle notes of orange came through with each bite making for a perfectly balanced flavor combination.

The thing about these biscotti is that you cannot tell that they are gluten-free. How A&J Bakery is able to do this, I do not know – but I am most definitely not complaining. I even put these to the test at my office with my non-Celiac colleagues who are self-proclaimed biscotti fanatics (and I mean some of them are truly hardcore). While at first apprehensive that a gluten-free biscotti could deliver the same taste experience as its gluten-filled counterparts, their fears were quickly put to rest and every single person raved at how delicious these were and how they tasted exactly like the gluten-filled versions many of us remember. Oh, and they have 29 varieties of biscotti at last count.

A&J Bakery not only offers gluten-free products (made in a dedicated nut- and gluten-free facility), but also have an egg- and dairy-free section as well – nice. Check out their Web site for complete details and to look through their entire product portfolio. Best of all, they ship their products directly to your front door.

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    thank you so much for the info . i just place a order can not wait for them to arrive

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