Good sausage is one of my weaknesses and I tend to eat a lot of the pork variety fairly often. Always watching the waistline, I decided to give Aidells chicken and turkey mix variety a go. Now, to be completely honest, I was never a fan of chicken or turkey sausage. In fact, I do not like ground chicken or turkey s a substitute for ground beef – it just has always put me off. Think of me as a sausage purist. Having gone to high school in Germany I love all types of brats and würstchen with pork and veal tending to dominate my repertoire. Being Italian, I love a good spicy or sweet pork sausage as well. Somehow, I the chicken or turkey varieties I tended to try over the years were never very good. One night while placing a FreshDirect order, I thought why not give something a bit healthier a try and had seen Aidells in the grocery before so bit the proverbial bullet and clicked on one package of their Italian-style chicken and turkey sausage with mozzarella.

I procrastinated and let them languish a few days in the freezer but one morning removed them from their frozen slumber and put them in the refrigerator to thaw for that evening’s dinner. When I opened the package the first thing that struck me was the color, they actually looked like sausage. Next, the smell – the actually smelled like, well, sausage – off to a fine start. I decided to bake them in the oven and was still apprehensive about how they would taste.

Dinner is served. I plated the sausage with some fresh broccoli rabe and potatoes and my other half and I dug in. The first thing you notice about the sausage is the crisp snap you get when you cut into it – so good so far. I moved the first slice closer to my mouth and popped it in. Chewing, chewing…wait a minute, taste buds reporting that this actually tastes GREAT. The texture was perfect, nice and firm and not at all chewy. The flavor was wonderfully complex with the cool mozzarella playing off the Italian the spiciness of the secret spices Aidells throws in. These are actually at the more robust end of the spice spectrum so think more spicy Italian sausage rather than sweet. A bit of good mustard made for the perfect compliment to the sausage though they were really very good all alone.

I am eagerly looking forward to my next FreshDirect delivery which has a few more flavors on their way. Now I am still a sausage traditionalist but when I am looking for something a bit more healthful, I know what company is going to be my go-to. Actually, in my most recent grocery order there is not a pork sausage to be found. If you are hesitant like I was, bite the bullet and give these a go – you will not be disappointed. Oh, and the best part is, the suasage are fully cooked so they are the perfect option when you need to make a quick, great tasting meal. Just heat and serve – my kind of product. GFM Note: Not all of Aidells products are GF but they clearly tell you which ones to avoid (along with other food allergy ingredients) in the FAQ section of thier site.

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