About GF Mike

So you are probably wondering, just who is Gluten Free Mike?

If you are looking for a healthy, well-balanced, budget-friendly site – well, you are probably in the wrong place.  There are plenty of those other sites out there so I figured I would just be myself – excess and all.  I love to eat, love a good cocktail, and always eat dessert.  My mantra is Living-Well, Gluten-Free, No Apologies.  I completely respect people’s personal choices so please respect mine.

In real life I am a senior director of research and analytics for a global public relations firm who lives in New York City.  I hold my Ph.D. (ABD which is soon to change as I prepare to defend my dissertation) in Information Science.  I have lived abroad for several extended periods of time and speak seven languages.  My day job keeps me extremely busy so I sometimes post in spurts when I can find a moment at odd hours.

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease close to 15 years ago and about the same time became hyper-allergic to all shellfish — something that I truly loved and ate quite often prior to developing an allergy.  So, my Epi-Pen has been my must-have fashion accessory wherever I go.

There is one other thing you will not find on this site – paid advertising.  I do all of this on my own dime.  I have never nor will I ever accept advertising (read my full disclosure statement).  I don’t seek fame or fortune from this site.  It is just me sharing my journey one gluten-free moment at a time. All thoughts, opinions, and wild ramblings are my own.